Monday, 2 March 2015

Gingham Style

I CANNOT stop pinning gingham looks!!  The sad news is that I have exactly ONE gingham piece that I only recently thrifted so though I can't make this "Gingham Week" like some people, I am "pinspired" to style this top in so many ways that it will definitely become one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe!  Speaking of pinspiration, March is the time of year that I like to visit my Pinterest boards and replicate outfits!  (AKA I need something to make it through the most disheartening winter month!  The time changes, Spring officially starts, schools have Spring Break, stores are flooded with Spring colours and outdoor decor and all the while it's a BLIZZARD out there to the tune of tie-a-rope-to-the-barn-Pa!  I digress.)  I did this last year for Pinspired March and had so much fun!  I'm happy to have this week's Monday Style Prompt - Grab Your Gingham - as the official kick-off to Pinspired March 2.0!  Before I reveal my pinspired looks, the copy that didn't happen (today anyway): gingham shirt plus statement necklace...
My sis and fave Chantel brought me back this necklace from their recent trip to Mexico on my birthday, without me.

I like the look and all but just wasn't feeling it today.  It felt a little too "Fashion Blogger."  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Instead I copied a look that caught my eye on the weekend...
Navy wool skirt $4.90, belt and Miz Mooz shoes on my mind from yesterday!
Sunglasses from my closet...
I wouldn't have chosen turquoise accessories, but since I'm trying to stay true to my pinspiration, 
I did it anyway... and liked it!

Two seconds later, I decided I didn't feel like wearing a skirt in the blizzard, so I changed to a different pinspiration from Franish!
Hers is black and mine is blue...
Hers is tucked, mine is untucked (but I still have my $1.20 red belt on!)...
I swap you one visible belt for one visible necklace ($2)!

The outcome of my initial foray into gingham style is my undying admiration for the classic gingham top!  I loved it!  I loved wearing it all day long! I felt stylish and comfortable!!  AND smug.  Because this J Crew top in perfect condition cost me less than a latte!
$4.20 for this beauty!
Is there a "J Crew Thrifted Find of the Year" award? If so, IT'S MINE!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Versatile Pieces

KCan we just pretend it's February 28th?  It's only fair considering how we lose a couple days (or more) every single year!!  I'm indignant.  It's February's fault I didn't get this post up in February, not mine.  Now that that's settled, let me show you the last piece for February's "Day to Play" series, what I like to call my "ECGT"...
You might be a bit nerdy like me if you understand that name right away!

I scored this tee a couple weeks ago and had a hard time deciding between it, a vintage cardigan and a Free People floral top.  It was a handmade vs vintage vs brand name show down!  Ultimately, I decided the Free People top ran the risk of looking maternity - NO NEVER AGAIN SO STOP ASKING AND STOP EVEN THINKING.  I DON'T HAVE THE GREATEST POSTURE OKAY! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE - and the vintage piece would be challenging to style.  This tee however has gorgeous colours and a unique pattern that means it will be a versatile addition to my wardrobe!  Here I am before heading out the door (late) for church...
Top $3.50, Clarks booties $10 VV Boutique
JBrand denim and belt from my closet and She Does Create necklace

When I spotted this top in the racks, I immediately pictured some pattern mixing with my oldest skirt SO before changing into my pajamas at 6:30pm, I styled it up for a work look...
Skirt via clothing swap 8 YEARS AGO
Accessories from my closet
Matt&Nat bag gifted from my favourite Megan

Something about teal brings out the matchy-matchy in me.  I could have styled this with several other perfectly colour-matched pieces from my closet.  
In fact, I'm pretty sure that's going to happen in the near future.
"Just slipping off my blazer as I stride to the couch to the office."
The top is practically stripes (with a heartbeat) and the skirt is practically polka dots (with a pupil), 
so the pattern mixing should surprise no one.

Throughout a month of styling pieces in multiple ways, I gained an appreciation for versatility.  True I have plenty of options for mixing and matching so I can find multiple styles for almost anything, but I still have a sense of the pieces that are going to be easy to work with.  Obviously, basic neutrals are going to be versatile, but "secondary" versatile pieces include:
Let me conclude Day to Play with this message: don't be afraid of pieces with character!  They *will* add style to your basics and mileage to your wardrobe!
To whoever handmade this tee: THANK YOU!  It has found a happy home in my closet!

Any my last message in case you didn't get my tee title:
To whoever created this graphic: THANK YOU!  It has found a happy home in my perspective!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Thrifting Theory

I have a theory about thriftingMy theory is that despite the increasing popularity of thrifting, despite the increasing prices in some stores, despite the necessary fluctuations in stock, there are ALWAYS treasures to be found!  I have a heart full of thrifting faith - the right pieces go to the right home.  One of my fave thrifting friends is about the same size as me right down to our shoe size, yet our individual styles are distinct.  We almost never want the same piece (though I want her cognac Kenneth Cole ankle boots and she wants my camel robe coat, but besides that....).  In fact, we were together when I found a staple piece by Theory for only $4.20!!!
Short sleeved black charcoal turtleneck in perfect condition!
Welcome to my closet!

Believe it or not, I don't have any sort of black turtleneck... till now!  I styled it up for work first...

It was so cold with the wind, it was indoor recess - that's saying something in Alberta.  So I needed this $6.30 Grey Nicole Miller cardi/blazer.  I liked how it fit the cropped retro vibe of my ensemble.
And lo and behold, the Theory top is LONG!
Great coverage, great fit!
P.S. The great thing about wearing boots to work and taking indoor shoes is that you don't need socks.

I have no idea why someone would donate a gorgeous piece like this Theory top but my theory is that they found the short sleeves/turtleneck combo tricky to style.  On the other hand, I had no difficulties coming up with a couple more styling options.  It looks classic with a pretty skirt or 30.
Accessories from my closet

I loved this look and as I passed over more accessories, I developed the theory that sometimes quality pieces don't need anything else.  Impeccable quality speaks for itself!
This look would work for an office day for me or church or a date night or wine tasting or ...
Ask me out!  (kidding... sort of)

As I put outfit #2 together, I found myself longing for red pumps!!  Though I have a few pairs of red shoes, no classic pumps.  Better go thrifting stat!  Meanwhile, I used cobalt for a pop of colour in my last casual look...

I like how this classic Theory top adds instant easy style to everything else!  I can't wait to wear it more (next up, with my black cardi/vest!!).  I am not surprised that I found a soft, perfect piece while thrifting!
My theory was proven by Theory!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Leopard-Print Cardi

I have been hunting for a leopard-print cardi for a loooooonnnng time and was therefore delighted to find one recently in perfect condition for only $4.90!  Since I have the delayed gratification ability of  - is that chocolate?!! - oh, sorry, I wanted to wear it right away and so sculpted the Monday Style Prompt around it.  (I got the power, it's getting getting getting kinda hectic)  "Wear Something Wild" Monday commenced with a work look...
Skirt $4.90, gifted thrifted sequined flats
Tee and tights from my closet.
I already know leopard goes with stripes and since it's a neutral, it goes with polka dots too!
Accessories by She Does Create, including my fab new name tag lanyard with a timepiece and beading.

Styling leopard can be a bit tricky.  It is easy enough to put it with black but I like it with COLOUR.  Surprise suprise.
White tee from my closet and She Does Create pendant.
Turquoise is also a neutral and just what this outfit needed.

During my extensive Pinterest research, I also saw leopard with neutrals and a POP of colour, so I gave that a go because now that I'm bribing my kids to take photos, all three want a turn so I have to come up with three looks.
Wearing the cardi as a top with my J Brand faves (B.T. Before Thrifting)
Miz Mooz leather flats gifted but thrifted for $13.30
Subtle jewelry - mix of thrift and handmedown - since there's a lot of RAWR.

After all that, I decided to *actually* wear...
It was a black tee kind of day.

So with the addition of this cardi, that brings my animal-print collection to:
I was SO tempted to wear them all together as a joke but figured people would think I was crazy.
Maybe next time!
(Maybe I am)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Sweet Thrift Score

As I got dressed this morning, I found myself thinking, yoga pants are not okay for casual Friday but fleece-lined leggings are totally fine.  I can't fully explain it; some things you just know.  Anyway, I knew they would be perfect with my latest sweet thrifted find, a long black "Sweet Rain" vest/cardi...
Leggings $4.20, Sweet Rain vest $4.20 AND Sweet Rain top $4.50, Chie Mihara boots $7
It was missing the belt but that's no problem for me since I have 100 belt options.
Perfect with my black Flatter:Me belt!
Accessories from my closet - the more the merrier!
Love the high-low hemline of this piece - no question my bum is covered,
no chance of anyone thinking I'm trying to wear leggings as pants.

I adore this piece!  So versatile!  I styled it for day and play and could've kept going all night but I ran out of gum to bribe my photographers with.  Here's another casual look...
Just because a piece has belt loops doesn't mean you *have* to wear a belt.
Still nice to have the length in the back, easy to wear!

Loose tops look balanced with a fitted bottom, but I wanted to try styling it with a skirt too...
And since I was playing dress-up, I tried a warm-weather look.
Skirt $4.20, floral shell $3.75, necklace $3, green belt $1 and Fly London shoes $13.30
I heart colour!

And lastly, I couldn't NOT pair this piece with the thrifted leopard print belt I got for Christmas...
Banana Republic dress $10.50, Kenneth Cole leather boots $18.90
Necklace from my closet and another amazing bracelet by She Does Create.

I could have styled this sweet thrift score another 10 ways!  Four or ten or more, this piece has excellent styles-per-cost value! 
Which Sweet Rain look is your favourite?!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday Tee

The problem with holiday Mondays is that the following Tuesdays behave just like a regular Monday, right down to putting your pants on backwards then leaving the house.  Just me?  Oh...  Luckily, the Monday Tuesday Style Prompt eased the start of the work week somewhat - style your tee for Tuesday!

I think most of us can get behind wearing a t-shirt any day of the week, especially to work!  They're comfortable and easy to style up or down.  There are as many great tees as there are great women!  As long as they're styled up, tees are fine for most work environments (one big boss I know wore her Harley tee to work - AWESOME!).  They add an edge, balance out the dressy and make an outfit interesting!  And for me, they describe my bad habits...
Always late tee from YEG Red Ribbon Boutique
Cardi $7, Kate Spade loafers $9.80 and pants $4.90 VV Boutique
Accessories from my closet - mixture of thrift, hand-me-down and old classic.

I just thrifted the black and white patterned pants and really like how they're stretchy and comfortable and ankle cropped.  
On the one hand, you can eat 27 crepes for Shrove Tuesday and still not get any clothing cues to lessen the pace;
on the other hand, you can't tell whether they're on frontwards or backwards. 

It would have been easy to pair my tee and pants with black black black, but some Pinspiration helped me select a mixed neutral palette!
That girl doesn't look like SHE is always late.
She even remembered her sunglasses.
Show off.

This was one of the easiest Monday Style Prompts in a while - so many ideas of how to style tees for work or for play!  I was going to take a photo with my "evening" look but thought, no one wants to see my pajama bottoms from 1997.  I think I'll try another work look tomorrow - stay tuned on Instagram!  Meanwhile, here are some of my other Tuesday-tee looks (er, not necessarily worn on a Tuesday but you get the idea)...
Apparently I'm always blurry in my Always Late tee.
These tees convey a more positive message at least!  I'm rolling, I'm flying!
One of my fave outfits ever.
A go-to look this winter: tee + interesting blazer
Okay fine, I won't wear this one to work.
Well, maybe on a meeting day?!

I hope you took the Tuesday Tee prompt and had some fun today!  If not, it's not too late!  Find some pinspiration, add some accessories and finishing layers and rock it - any day of the week!
Yes, I was late.
But then I worked late.  And I'm up late.
So the tee remains accurate and it all balances out!